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'Reviving a Teenage Audience in a New Way: The “Schoolyard Stories” Project of Iberoamerica' (Maria Ines Falconi, Argentina)

Many Iberoamerican TYA artists recognize that the way to change this current trend is to surge forward and include adolescents in their audiences, even though doing so might run the risk of failure. In response to this need, Iberoamerica introduced an extension of what was originally a European project called “Schoolyard Stories.”

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Entrevista con la dramaturga María Inés Falconi/Interview with playwright Maria Ines Falconi  

Como parte de la serie de entrevistas que venimos desarrollando, “Write local. Play global” le planteó a la dramaturga y educadora María Inés Falconi algunas preguntas sobre su trabajo.

As part of an ongoing series, ‘Write local. Play global’ asked Argentine playwright and educator Maria Ines Falconi a few questions about her work.

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