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Interview with French playwright Karin Serres/Une interview de l'autrice de théâtre française Karin Serres'

Write local. Play Global. was able to charm busy French playwright/director/translator Karin Serres into finding a few free moments to answer some questions, answers that she is sharing with her fellow playwrights.

Write Local. Play Global. à réussi a persuader Karin Serres, autrice de théâtre, metteuse en scène et décoratrice française bien occupée, de trouver un peu de temps libre pour répondre à quelques questions. Elle partage ici ses réponses avec ses collègues auteurs et autrices de théâtre.

This interview conducted in French is all translated into English as well.  Cette interview menée en français est aussi intégralement traduite en anglais.

WLPG: Was there something in particular that motivated you to start writing for young audiences?
: At first, chance (or luck): although not written especially for youth, my first play (“Katak”) found producers in that field. That’s how I experienced my first young audience as a playwright. “Katak” is a story of love and fighting between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon tribes, during prehistory. There, in the darkness of the theatre, the thrilled response of the young crowd was so warm and immediate around me that I decided to try it again, but now on purpose. So I wrote my second play for ages 10+, “Ferdinande from the Abyss”, a musical, and then other plays that were more realistic, often based on a family, with always this tiny grain of sand that questions established order. Today, at least half of my plays are especially dedicated to children or teenagers. I can’t live a year without working for them. Each time I begin to write a new play, I hope it will be possible to aim it for teenagers and/or children. Sometimes, it’s not.

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