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Interview: Playwright Ashish Kumar Ghosh from India

Ashish Kumar Ghosh directs, teaches, performs, and helps organize the vibrant new chapter of ASSITEJ India.   Oh, and he's also a playwright as well.  WLPG was lucky to find him with a free moment to answer a few questions. 

WLPG: Was there something in particular that motivated you to start writing for young audiences?
Ashish: I can recollect one particular motivation. It was in 1986. I was re-reading the famous  fables from Panchatantra, a text from 300 BC.  Somehow, I had an auto-suggestion that four fables could be connected to tell a story for today. The play was written in a week’s time. It was in verse with the idea of playing it in folk operatic style.  Obviously, it had to be done with trained actors. That was it.

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Writers workshop at the first ASSITEJ India National Conference, August 2011

The 1st National Conference on TYA was a unique event in India attended by over 150 theatre persons, writers, educators and parents from all over India, as well as eight guests from abroad. Together they debated, networked and suggested ways of strengthening TYA throughout the country. A special feature of the Conference was the writers’ workshop, designed for writers/directors to explore the raw materials for playwriting, in keeping with the needs of their young audiences.

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