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Entrevista con la dramaturga Berta Hiriart/Interview with playwright Berta Hiriart

Write local play global was able to charm Berta Hiriart into finding a few free moments to answer some questions, answers that she is sharing with her fellow playwrights.

WLPG: ¿Hubo algo en particular que te motivó a escribir para públicos jóvenes?
: Guardo en la memoria la primera vez que asistí al teatro con mi escuela. Desde mi butaca, demasiado grande para una niña, la representación de El sueño de una noche de una verano me hizo saber que el teatro era capaz de reordenar el mundo, de recrearlo a su antojo, de iluminarlo. Supe desde entonces que me dedicaría a este hermoso trabajo.

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'Puppet Power: childhood, puppets, and writing for young audiences and adults'

Playwright Amaranta Leyva and puppets go WAY back. 

Her parents founded the Marionetas de la Esquina before she was born, so puppets have always been a part of her life, in the plays she writes for the company, in plays she writes for children and for adults.

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'Identity and Influences: International Perspectives' (from Australia, Croatia, Germany, Kosova, Mexico)

Theatre artists bring their own life experiences, their own personal and cultural histories, to the stage. Whether subconsciously or outright, in the forefront or in between the lines, the identities and influences of theatre practitioners are exhibited through their works. Interested in the nature of these identities and influences, TYA Today spoke with five international TYA practitioners who candidly reflected on how their cultural identities influence and affect their work. This conversation includes Mexican playwright Amaranta Leyva, Croatian playwright/director Lana Šarić, German playwright Lutz Hübner, Australian artistic director of Circa Yaron Lifschitz, and Kosovar playwright/director Jeton Neziraj.

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