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august 2013 newsletter

Let us hear from you!

Help us provide resources and promote your work to our growing international audience.

  • please keep us informed via the inform us page, or email us at
  • Does your theatre have a commitment to developing new work? If so, let us know and we’ll post the information
  • If you are a playwright, please send a biography and photo, or update the information that is already there.
  • We are always seeking articles and interviews about the process of creating new plays.

And remember:

  • You can now search our diverse Community by profession and country to identify practitioners who create and support new plays for young audiences around the world.
  • Our search engine is always a useful shortcut to finding what you need.
  • Though an English-language site, we will post information in your first language as well as English.

Best Wishes, Deirdre, Tony, and Kim

Next Gen Placements

ASSITEJ promotes NEXT GENERATION PLACEMENTS to provide young/emerging theatre artists, producers and administrators with opportunities within the field of Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA).
Find out more.

Just Published: New Plays for Children and Young People from Poland

Read all about it here. 

2013 – What a Year!

We’re a little over halfway through the year and WLPG has already produced two programs on two continents – in Cleveland, USA at TYA/USA’s One Theatre World conference, and in Linz, Austria at the ASSITEJ International Meeting hosted by ASSITEJ/Austria and the Schäxpir Festival. Not only that, there’s an excitement in international Theatre for Young Audiences right now, with new initiatives and great networking opportunities rolled out by ASSITEJ and its National Centres and Artistic Networks. Many thanks to all WLPG members who have made our 2013 Sparks and Shorts programs such a success!

WLPG Sparks (Linz) – Catalysts for Discovery [June 2013]

500 word monologues written especially for this festival read by 21 playwrights from 13 countries reading in 9 languages!
Find out more.

'New Plays for Young Audiences' at NYU

Workshops of three exciting new works for young people.  Article here.

New Newsletter

 We are very excited about this newsletter with its new format and ease of operation.  Please let us know what you think about it.  And most importantly, please go to our website to check out all the wonderful content about plays, playwrights, and players internationally.

Call for submissions

The Growing Stage Theatre – The Children’s Theatre of New Jersey is now accepting submissions for their 2013-2014 New Play-Reading Festival! .
More information.

WLPG Shorts (Cleveland): Unexpected Connections

1,000 word plays written for this festival by 12 writers from 4 countries.
Find out who was involved and check out photos of the event!

"Only the Sky is the Limit: a Swedish Playwright in Cape Town"

Read Anna Nygren's article on how a new culture affected her work - and life.

october 2012 newsletter - Pacific Shorts, Featured Playwrights and much more!

The 1st 'WLPG Shorts' program at the 2012 Kijimuna Festa in Okinawa

Thanks so much to everyone involved in the first ever WLPG Shorts program!!!

Pacific Shorts was a collaboration between WLPG, playwright/professor Toyoko Nishida, Kijimuna Festa, and ASSITEJ Japan to create original short plays addressing the festival's theme for 2012. The theme of the festival was "For Tomorrow - Theatre as 'Nuchigusui' for Children". The word 'Nuchigusui' means 'medicine for life' in the Okinawan language. In 2011, an unprecedented earthquake, tsunami, and an accident at a nuclear power station hit Japan. With that in mind, seven emerging playwrights from three countries were given the opportunity to write short plays inspired by this idea of 'Nuchigusui' – plays which will help heal children confronting troubles and give them a healthy vision, filled with optimism, for the future.

Read about the event and the plays submitted.

Check out the photo gallery of the event.

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may 2012 newsletter - 1 year/400 members/53 countries

Hard to believe it’s been a year since our website and network were launched – the time has moved so quickly and so slowly. Many thanks to all of our members, all those who come visit our website, for all those who believe in the power of new plays for young audiences. Unexpected and wonderful connections keep happening – playwrights from one country who are produced and/or published in another. Let’s keep talking and writing, and spread the word to all your colleagues and friends in your city, your country, your region. This newsletter is jam-packed with reports on the New Visions/New Voices play development workshop/showcase, four featured playwrights, lots of articles and opportunities.

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march 2012 newsletter - 350+ members!

350+ members!

As of March 2012 WLPG (Write Local. Play Global) had more than three hundred and fifty members in some forty-seven countries!  Wow!  We welcome recent members from countries such as Iceland, Russia, and Kenya.

We are also hard at work planning WLPG events in Australia and at the Kijimuna Festival in Okinawa.  As these plans are finalized, we will (of course) let everyone know.

But meanwhile, many thanks for being part of the network, and for your commitment to the value of playwriting for young audiences.  We look forward to knowing more about each of you, and the important work you're doing. 

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december 2011 newsletter - thanks for a fantastic year!

Thanks for a fantastic year!

Little did we know, when we started work on our website in April this year, that by the end of 2011 Write Local. Play Global would:

  • ·       have more than 300 members from 46 countries
  • ·       be the first-ever network member of ASSITEJ
  • ·       be planning WLPG activities on four continents

Of course it’s all due to you.

Thanks for joining, sending information, promoting the network and for your commitment to the value of playwriting for young audiences. We guarantee we’ll be back next year with the latest news, info and a few surprises.

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