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october 2011 newsletter - 'yep, we’re official – in 50+ languages'

Yep, we’re official – in 50+ languages

It’s official. Playwrights for young audiences now have their own voice in ASSITEJ, the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People.

Write Local. Play Global. recently applied to be the first ASSITEJ network member – until now, only the ASSITEJ national centres in a country could be official members of the association. At the recent meeting of the ASSITEJ International Executive Committee in Makeevka, Ukraine the Executive Committee voted in favour of our application. This is part of a new strategy of ASSITEJ that recognizes how people network around the world. ASSITEJ now actively supports not only the vital national centres, but also ASSITEJ networks of like interests and regions.

So what does this mean?

Playwrights for young audiences can now take part in the official activities of ASSITEJ through WLPG. While there are ASSITEJ Centres in 80+ countries, a number of WLPG members are in countries that do not have national centres. Playwright delegates can attend the General Assembly at each Congress and take part in the debates, propose motions and vote. Through WLPG, playwrights around the world can now formulate their own ideas about policies and initiatives that can develop and support their work and advocate within ASSITEJ to make them happen.

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september 2011 newsletter

Shameless self-promotion and finding information more easily
We’ve been tweaking the WLPG website, finding more ways for WLPG members to let us know what they’re doing:
•    We are now listing theatres that develop new work in our organizations/events/resources database. Does your theatre have a commitment to developing new work? If so, let us know and we’ll post the information.
•    We’ve just launched a What’s happening? blog on the site. Please send information on your region or your country.  Feel free to even ‘shamelessly self-promote’ yourself, your company or your best friend. So long as it’s (vaguely) about Theatre for Young Audiences and isn’t offensive, go for it!

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august 2011 newsletter

220 + Members, 30 + countries

Still less than three months old, we have grown to more than 220 members from over 30 countries. Take a look at our diverse Community to see playwrights, directors, producers, composers, arts managers, teaching artists and educators who create, support, develop, critique and view plays for young audiences around the world.

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june 2011 newsletter


Playwrights for young audiences have let the world hear their unique voices in the last few months – at the ASSITEJ World Congress in Sweden and Denmark, and online at

The Playwright Slams at the Congress featured 31 playwrights from 20 countries in 15 languages. An amazing time... In the words of Australian Jim Lawson, “It is unlikely to hear so many writers from so many different countries in one place anywhere else. May there be many more slams ahead!” See below for the link to our coverage of the four Slams.

Online the network continues to grow and grow. Within in a few short months we have grown to 140 members from over 20 countries! We have over 50 listings for playwrights worldwide and have posted news about events and initiatives in five continents.

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