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Here are some links to organizations, events and resources supporting and developing the work of TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) playwrights. If you know of an organization or event not listed here, please go to inform us and send us the details.


Theatre Mala Scena (Croatia) [Theatres that develop new work]

Mala Scena is one of the leading Croatian theaters for children and young people. It is the only independent, private theater in Croatia, established in 1989.

The Mission of the theater is:

- to offer children of all ages, from 0 to 15 years, the art of theatre as an everyday part of their growing up.
- to lead a dialog with young audiences around the current and everyday topics in which they are interested and which occupy their attention. With the performances, the theatre is trying to help children understand the world which surrounds them, encourage them and inspire them to confront it boldly. It is Mala Scena’s responsibility when on stage to question and investigate children's everyday lives and send them messages of encouragement and hope.

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Theatre Motus (Canada) [theatres that develop new work]

Where does the word Motus come from? From the Latin to move.

Théâtre Motus, a motor of creation and emotions

10 years with young audiences, 10 seasons of creation, of exploring new worlds and of
nourishing cultural exchanges.

These 10 years are like a stepping stone: the same audacity at heart the same unknown before
us, but, this time, with a public who supports us, peers who encourage us and, most of all, our
experience to guide our desire.

10 years, a springboard into tomorrow!

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Wan Smolbag Theatre (Vanuatu) [Theatres that develop new work]

Wan Smolbag or ‘One Small Bag’ started as a theatre group producing plays about health issues
in 1989. With one small bag of costumes, the group of 15 actors would travel around the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu encouraging people to think about sensitive issues.

Today Wan Smolbag have a staff of around 100 full- and part-time staff and over 400 volunteers.

The group creates plays, films, radio programmes and songs, runs workshops and produces teaching materials on topics like clean water, gender, HIV and AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Wan Smolbag even runs an urban youth centre, two youth-friendly reproductive health clinics and a youth centre at Loltong village on the island of Pentecost. The use of drama to change lives, especially for youth, remains at the heart of what Wan Smolbag does and the group is actively working in schools and in the community to share their services with those who need it most.

Find out more about the company at

View Wan Smolbag's catalogue of plays in Bislama (the most broadly spoken language in Vanuatu) and English here.

Download Wan Smolbag's incredible range of resources - music tracks, teachers' workbooks, comic books, playscripts, poster designs and more - here. Please adhere to the company's terms of use outlined at this link.


Words Without Borders (USA / International)

Words without Borders translates, publishes, and promotes the finest contemporary international literature. Our publications and programs open doors for readers of English around the world to the multiplicity of viewpoints, richness of experience, and literary perspective on world events offered by writers in other languages.

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World Interplay (Australia / International)

World Interplay, for playwrights aged 18-26, is the largest international festival of young playwrights in the world. For two weeks every two years, fifty playwrights from thirty nations are joined by leading international directors and dramaturgs for two weeks of play development, workshops, forums, and cultural exchange.

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Young People's Theatre (Canada) [Theatres that develop new work]

 Young People's Theatre (formerly Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People) is the largest Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) company in Canada and a significant institution in the Canadian professional theatre community. Over our history we have produced many of the most important works that now form the canon of plays for young audiences in this country.  Learning is at the centre of everything

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