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Here are some links to organizations, events and resources supporting and developing the work of TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) playwrights. If you know of an organization or event not listed here, please go to inform us and send us the details.

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Cahoots NI (Northern Ireland, UK) [Theatres that develop new work]

Cahoots NI is a professional children's touring theatre company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Company was formed in 2001 by Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney and Zoe Seaton. The Company concentrates on the visual potential of theatre and capitalises upon the age-old popularity of magic and illusion as an essential ingredient in the art of entertaining. Each production is at the centre of a body of outreach work designed to maximise artistic potential, customise the individual theatre experience and extend the imaginative life of the piece beyond the actual event.

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Replay Theatre (Northern Ireland, UK) [Theatres that develop new work]

Replay Theatre Company (Belfast, Northern Ireland) has been creating a diverse range of work for younger audiences in schools, art centres, festivals and theatres since 1988, giving many of Northern Ireland’s children and young people their first opportunity to experience live theatre.

At Replay, we believe that theatre finds truth in discussion. By empowering their authentic voice, we aim to grow the possibility and potential of our young audiences – and, to this end, our projects are created through bespoke models of creative consultation with our young audiences. 

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