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Here are just a few of the playwrights around the world writing for young audiences. Know someone that should be on the list? (Including yourself?) Just go to inform us and send us their name, a short biography and (optional) a website address. A photo of the playwright (optional) can also be sent to

Entries in Denmark (3)


Bendix, Methe (Denmark)

Methe Bendix is a Danish playwright, director, and artistic director of Teater Hund, a Copenhagen-based theatre for children and adults. She has written and directed mainly for Teater Hund since 2003.

The work builds on experiment and improvisation, as well as the passions and life experiences of the director, choreographer, and the actors.

  • A defining characteristic: Takes humor very seriously.
  • Educated as an actor in 1987.
  • Co-founded Teater Får302 (Copenhagen) in 1987.
  • Started to explore theatre for children around 2000 after having performed and written for adults since 1987.
  • Since 2000 a full-time playwright and director.
  • Founded Teater Hund in 2003.

Howalt, Thomas (Denmark)

Born 1961. Danish. Have written several plays and tv-series. Have a full time job working with computer games. Come and visit my home page:


Ramløse, Michael (Denmark)

Michael is a Danish playwright and translator of plays for children and young people. Many of his plays have been translated and played in other languages (English, German, French, Russian, Croatian, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Spanish). He has translated plays from: Swedish, English, German and Russian.

 He was Head of the Danish TheatreCentre from 1988-1996, Secretary General of ASSITEJ INTERNATIONAL from 1990 – 1996 and Chairman of the Children’s Theatres’ Association in Denmark from 2001 – 2005. From 1997 he has been administrative director of Theatre FAIR PLAY in Holbæk, Denmark. Director of the International Children’s Theatre Festival CARAVANEN 2003, 2005 and 2008, and Chairman of the Executive Board of ASSITEJ 2011, the ASSITEJ World Congress.