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Here are just a few of the playwrights around the world writing for young audiences. Know someone that should be on the list? (Including yourself?) Just go to inform us and send us their name, a short biography and (optional) a website address. A photo of the playwright (optional) can also be sent to

Entries in India (4)


Arwind, Deepika (India)

                                                                              Deepika Arwind is a theatre-practitioner and writer based in Bangalore. Her work includes Nobody Sleeps Alone (2013-2014) and A Brief History of Your Hair (March 2016). She is acted in several plays with directors such as Anmol Vellani and Preetam Koilpillai. She was awarded the Toto Funds the Arts Creative Writing Award in 2011 and the Lavanya Sankaran Fellowship at the Sangam House Writers' Residency (2011). She was nominated for The Hindu Metroplus Playwright (2013) and has, most recently, attended the New Visions/New Voices International Playwrights Intensive at the Kennedy Centre, Washington DC with her play One Dream Too Many (12+).


Das, Tapas (India)

Born in 1957, Dr. Tapas Das had his acting debut at the age of seven. He joined Sailpik, a theatre group of Howrah when he was 9 & never looked back since then. He was the only Director invited from Asian countries to the International Director’s Seminar on Children’s Theatre at Stuttgart, Germany.

Education : M.Sc. , M.Ed. , Ph.D.

Profession : Ex Teacher in Biology The Oriental Seminary, Kolkata.

Countries visited : U.S.A, U.K., Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy,     France,     Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan,Thailand, Singapur, Australia, Malaysia, Egypt, China, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Austria etc.

International Recognition - attended International Director’s Seminar at Stuttgart, Germany, invited by City Moon, a childrens theatre company of Sydney, Australia.
Attended Fest for Early Childhood at Bologna, Italy.

Dramatic aptitude :
Training at Paschim Banga Natya Academy (West Bengal Drama Academy) & Nandikar (a theatre group of International fame).

Awards received - ‘Natyabhusan’ from National Theatre Conference at Cuttack for his works on children’s play. ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Playwright’, ‘Best Music’, ‘Best Light’ in several State & National drama competitions.  

Books published - 3 collections of one-act plays – ‘Bhupaler Sanket’ (The sign of Bhopal), ‘Tin Kishore Ekanko’ (Three One-act Trio) & ‘Santir Janya’ (For Peace)

TV Productions - In Doordarshan ‘The News’ by Chhandabharati, in E TV Bangla ‘He Mahajiban’ by Eso Natak Shikhi, in Sonar Bangla ‘Dukhuramer Arupkatha’ by Eso Natak Shikhi. Kolkata Doordarshan "Tatan Aar Sada Payra'

Trainer in several State & National Theatre Workshops. Course-director in the year-long theatre training camp organized in collaboration with Democratic Youth Federation of India.

Columnist in a number of theatre magazines like Group Theatre, Asamoyer Natyabhabana, Pryag Patrika, Theatre Arnab etc.

Stage performance in Sailpik, Gananatya, Nandikar & other theatre groups.

Responsibilities - President, Kolkata Eso Natak Shikhi.Treasurer, Indian Center of International Association of Theatre for Children & Young People.


Ghosh, Ashish Kumar (India)

Ashish Kumar Ghosh was born in a village in West Bengal in 1944. Memories of the place continued to inspire his artistic self even after he shifted to Delhi in 1957 to complete formal education and make a career in academics in the University of Delhi. Theater was in the family. He was fortunate to find mentors in academics, theater, music, and choreography to combine these inputs to start working in children’s theater from 1986. Henceforth, most of his research themes centered on children, the grassroots, and performance traditions. His original plays are written in Bengali and rooted to culture-friendly traditions of India. His Hindi plays have been devised in workshops first and subsequently written with contributions from the participants. He writes, directs, and performs in plays with the conviction that simple is the most profound. He also leads projects on drama and education. The rest of his time is spent in organizing ASSITEJ India.

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Rau, Aysha (India)

“Been working in theatre for the last 20 years as a playwright and a producer... use theatre as a tool to combat violence and also as an instrument to help educate underprivileged children. My goal is to set up India's best performing arts centre in Chennai so that theatre can become a self supporting business. I set up a small permanent theatre space for toddler theatre in Nungambakkam, last year in March. I am pioneering this in Chennai.”

For 20 years: Conducted workshops for children in puppetry, writing, scripting and theatre.

Since August 2010: Conducted toddler theatre workshops for the two and three year olds twice a week at Cheria aana in Nungambakkam.

For three years:

  • ·         Wrote a weekly column for children in the Hindu Newspaper’s Young World Section on ‘Marine Life’
  • ·         Wrote the Marine Life column in a children’s magazine ‘Junior Quest’.

Published: Three children’s books

  • ·         “Marine Life” published by Scholastic
  • ·         “Life in the seas” published by Puffin
  • ·         “Amazing fish” published by Puffin

Published: A short story

  • ·         “The dreamer and other stories” This book was presented to Abdul Kalam in his second year as President of India.
  • ·         “Hey! Listen to me!” by Aysha Rau (a short story from the perspective of a pomegranate)

With publishers: Her manuscript for the fourth book “ The Forbidden Forest”. This is the first of a series of 7 children’s adventure stories books. She is now working on the manuscript of book five which would be book two of this 7 part series.

Working on: An adventure series involving 4 young super heroes. The working title is “Spanish Onion Heroes”.

Acted in:

  • ·         1991 - Jack and the Beanstalk
  • ·         1992 - Sleeping Beauty
  • ·         1993 – Alladin
  • ·         1994 – Cinderella


  • ·         1993 Pinnochio (A Musical)

Scripted, Produced & Acted in:

  • ·         1995 - The Little Mermaid

Scripted & Produced:

  • ·         1996 - Snow White and the Travelling Circus
  • ·         1997 - The Frog Prince and the Royal Catwalk
  • ·         1998 - Puss in Boots
  • ·         2000 - Oddbods ( A musical)
  • ·         2000 – Cleopatra
  • ·         2001 - Elves & the Shoemaker
  • ·         2002 - Robinhood! Wanted for good!
  • ·         2003 - Beauty and the Beast
  • ·         2005 - King Arthur & his nights
  • ·         2006 - Romeo & Julieto in Mexico
  • ·         2007 - Pirates of the Curriedbeans
  • ·         2008 - Robinson Crusoe spaced out!
  • ·         2009 - Shylock! Merchant or menace?
  • ·         2010 - Rip Van Wrinkle!


  • ·         1999 - Ali Baba & the forty thieves
  • ·         2004 – Hercules
  • ·         2006 - Don’t Stop Us Now
  • ·         2010 - Kingdom of Joomba
  • ·         2011 - Atita! Outta thiz world! (July 2011)

Produced & worked on the scripts for ten Street Theatre Productions.