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Here are just a few of the playwrights around the world writing for young audiences. Know someone that should be on the list? (Including yourself?) Just go to inform us and send us their name, a short biography and (optional) a website address. A photo of the playwright (optional) can also be sent to

Entries in Iran (7)


Aghaabasi, Yadollah (Iran)

First name and surname: Yadollah Aghaabasi

Date of birth: 1952

Level of Education: PhD in dramatic literature

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Boroumand, Mohammad (Iran)

Mohammad Boroumand

• (Born on 1971) Documentary film maker, Animation script writer, TV & Theater Writer and Director

• Has started his artistic activities in 1981 (in Intellectual Development Center and Khorasan TV & Radio Center) with playing in shows including The Chemist Wolf, The Pilgrimage, The Flowers Garden, Now the Sun, etc.

• Has written and directed more than 20 theaters including: The Dummy Legend, Kakoli, The Singer Birds, Golnaz, The Magic Ball, Nani & Nini, The Event in the Event, The Night Song, The Men of Sun, Jigi Jigi Nane Khanom, All of my Friends, etc.

• Has written the animation scripts including: The Color Pencils, Aryo; The Little Hero, The Last Tableau, The Ignorance Father, Poopak, The Good Tales for Good Children, The Adventurous Village, The Passenger, The Flight, The Man and His Shadow, Kiko & Mico, The Moonlight, the screenplay of The Legend of Goharan Land, etc.

• Screenwriter and artistic director of 52 episodes series of The Birds Garden, 30 episodes series of The Breeze and Nowrouz, the telletheaters of Hello Dear Mother, Kakoli, making the documentary, storied and animation films of Beep Beep, The Destiny Circle, From Show to Prayer.

• Published works: The Angle of The Rain, Kakoli, Jigi Jigi Nane Khanom, The Kind Friend, and The Paradise City. Screenplays: the Last Tableau, Tuplips, Narges, The Ignorance Father.

• Activity in media: Since 1995 as critic and desk manager in newspapers including Ghods, Khorasan, Toos, and Soroush Weekly.

• Has received national and international awards and honorary plaque for playwriting, theater directing, screenplaying and making documentary films.

• The member of The International Association of Puppet Performers, The Association of Iran Theater House Playwrights, Theater Association, The Association of Theater House Directors, The Association of Children and Adolescents Book Writers, Cinema House, etc. 



Fadaihosein, Hosein (Iran) 

Hosein Fadaihosein is a playwright and theater researcher living in Qom, Iran. He has written 17 plays for children and young adults, directed eight productions and had 13 plays published.

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Khalaj, Mansour (Iran)

Mansour Khalaj

Writer, director and researcher

Date of Birth: 1950

Level of education:

-         Bachelor of Art from faculty of Fine Arts,

-         1950 Master of arts, directing branch from faculty of cinema and theatre

-         1997 First class certification from Islamic Culture and Guidance office

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Kianian, Davood (Iran)

First name and surname: Davood Kianian

Date of Birth: 1942

Level of Education:

-          Has an art degree from the Department of Islamic Culture and Guidance for activities in the field of Children’s theatre

Activity records:

-          Playwriting, theatre director and researcher in the field of theatre specially Children and adolescent’s theatre

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Qasemi, Moslem (Iran)

Born in 1954 Tehran

Studied in two fields; “Management”, “Directing and Acting”

Graduated in acting and creative theatre of Centre of Intellectual Developments of children and adolescents, passing several courses in acting, playwriting and etc. with Iranian and foreigner professional professors, participation in grand groups of children ‘theatre like “paper bag” group, participation in center of  Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon)group and running hundreds mobile shows, street scene across the country and Iranian and foreigner festivals, instructor in creative theatre in the libraries of the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon) in Tehran and other cities ( before and after the revolution)

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Qasempour, Akram (Iran)

First name and surname: Akram Qasempour

Date of Birth: 1963

Level of Education: Student in art research- PhD level

Activity records:

-          As a teacher in university in 1995, teaching courses like; acting, directing, puppet drama and Children’s Literature

-          Faculty theatre member in Soureh University and director of the department of Soureh University’s theatre

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