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what's happening? > Excited to share info on new play for teens: 'All of Us'

Excited to share this with all of you!

Dramatic Publishing's newest commission, All of Us, had its premiere at The Kansas City Fringe Festival in Kansas City, Mo, produced by The Coterie Theatre. This new play navigates the treacherous world of being gay in high school - growing up/coming out/coping with love/hate/violence/hope. From cities, small towns, suburbs and rural areas, an ensemble of gay teens reveal their stories and the heartbreaking consequences of being marked as different. Nick, from a southern religious family, is sent to straight camp to turn him into an “ex-gay.” Jess, a tom-boy looking for love, finds it in an unexpected ally; Justin, from a wealthy family in New York, discovers another America and begins a grassroots fight for gay rights; Shea, who ends up on the streets; Chris, a transgender female to male, searches in vain for someone like her; and Frank, the lovable gay boy, falls through the cracks. These stories reveal the inner lives of LGBT teenagers and asks “all of us” to stand up for their rights.
For more about All of Us, check out the review in The Kansas City Star:

September 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLaurie Brooks