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Brooklyn, NY--Maniacal Works is currently touring 8 European cities, inviting your audiences to participate in their Puppumentary. The “Maniacs” will stream pieces of their adventures via the website Visit the site to sign up to be a follower of their posts! And if you are interested in having them participate in your theater, classroom, event or just interview them, now is your chance! Here's more on them.

From the Creators:
Maniacal Works was created with the hope that it will grow into a place where artists can meet each other, share their work, get inspired, and have a common playground to collaborate in and make new work.
MW was launched into being by three of us - Jamie, Ellie, and Mindy. Together we combined our creative capabilities and really just started... playing. We've managed to bring acting, dancing, puppetry, painting, cooking, sculpting, drawing, music, and all around craftsmanship into our daily routines.
What we do cannot be turned into a formula – what we do is visceral, genuine, maniacal. We exist to explore, to redefine, to materialize and dematerialize, to get our hands dirty.
As we trace the lines that will mark our journey we find ourselves asking: “Why now? Puppets in Europe? Who cares?"

To our surprise - a lot of people care. Our world is in a place where the entertainment we're given is formulaic and fake, and the entertainment we need is completely forgotten. Our trip marks the beginning of our continuous journey to find, support, and create GOOD WORK. Whether it be puppetry, dance, theatre, photography, finger-painting, or anything else, we are hitting the streets to meet people, hear what they have to say, and share it!

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Maniacal Works is represented by Fourth Wall Productions (V-Day: Spotlight on the Women of Juarez 2004 Campaign, Share the Spotlight: Anton in Show Business Scholarship Fund 2006, Blobsquatch (The Making of Bigfoot X-ing: A Documentary) The Documentary) and Write Local Play Local member, Georgina H. Escobar; Playwright.

March 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGeorgina H. Escobar

Love the YouTube clip!

March 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTony Mack