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SCHOOLYARD STORIES Project - Call for Spanish-speaking playwrights

SCHOOLYARD STORIES- Theatre for Adolescents
2nd. Edition (2015/2017)


ATINA invites Spanish-speaking playwrights to participate in the SCHOOLYARD STORIES Project

Schoolyard Stories is an interdisciplinary project (which includes playwriting, direction, staging, exhibition and work with young people) about high school yards, dealing with adolescent topics from previous researches in secondary schools.

The 1st. Edition of Schoolyard Stories (Schoolyard Stories in Ibero America) was organized by ATINA in collaboration with Ibero American ASSITEJ Centers between 2018 and 2010 and run together with the European Project “Platform 11+”.

Schoolyard Stories is a project developed in three steps:

1-    Call for plays (2015)
Researchs in secondary schools

2-    Directors Workshop (2016)
Directors interested in participate will meet in a workshop where they will work on the selected plays coordinated by an expertise.

3-    Staging and Festival (2017)
Directors participating in the workshop will stage the chosen play with their company. They will receive tutorial support during the process.

The plays staged will participate in the Schoolyard Stories Festival, a space for exchange and evaluation.

4-    Parallel activities
Adolescents Playwriting
Adolescents Performing
Exhibition of the research material
About the topic

The 2nd Edition will have as main topic Adolescent Identity.

Adolescents look for their own identity during this period of their lives, frequently going through deep personal, familiar or social conflicts. They look for their self image, their place in the world, which allows them to recognize themselves.
The search for identity takes different aspects of their personal and social life, sometimes as free decisions, sometimes as other´s pressures or confrontations. So we can recognize ethnic, religious, sexual, origin or social identity. Identity appears also through external signs as dressing, fashion, music, tattoos, sporting teams, etc.

Schoolyard stories aim is to research, through the dialogue with adolescents: how do they go through this process, what do they feel and think, how do they face this stage of life. In this way we expect that their experiences can be reflected on the stage. Research and the contact with youngsters is the main aspect of the project.

It´s not our intention to create a pedagogic, nor social, nor psychological theatre, but to create a fiction theatre that can move the young audience and give them the possibility of reflection and dialogue about the topics that concern them.

Call out

1-    The call out is for plays no longer than 20 minutes. Any genre is possible (text plays, choreographies, songs, image theatre, puppets theatre).

2-    The plays should be the result of the researching work previously done in secondary schools (students between 13 and 18 years old) or in contact with adolescents groups (sport teams, theatre workshops, etc.) The research can be organized through interviews, observations, photos, videos, records, drawings.

3-    The plays should be sent together with the research material. If possible photos or videos should be sent as well as the institution information. The participation of youngsters can be anonymous.

4-    The texts should be presented in Spanish and will have 20 pages, written on double space in Times New Norman 12.
5-     The texts should be presented under pseudonym. The title of the play, pseudonym, author´s data should be sent in a different document.

6-    The complete material should be sent by email to
     (“PATIOS DEL RECREO + TITLE” ¬+ three attached documents:

1-    The play
2-    Author´s data
3-    Research material. (including photos, links to videos, written material)

7-     ATINA will select between 5 and 10 texts to be published in the Antology “Patios del Recreo- Teatro para Adolescentes”  (Schoolyard stories- Theatre for adolescents)
During a second step, the selected texts will be part of the material to be staged during the Directors Workshop)

8-     The jury will be integrated by Sonia Daniel (Córdoba- Argentina); Dewis Durán (Caracas- Venezuela); Héctor Presa (Buenos Aires- Argentina)  

9-     Deadline 15th. December 2015

10-     The results will be published during February 2016.

11-    The participation in the project includes the acceptance of conditions and the authorization for publishing and staging the play.

More information:

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