'Cape Town: A Sense of Place' - a creative writing project for Cradle of Creativity participants
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 12:52PM

A collaboration between Write Local. Play Global (WLPG) and CRADLE OF CREATIVITY
May 18 and 23, 2017

This project sets a creative challenge to storytellers and writers – to create a mosaic of monologues and photographs in response to this wonderful city of Cape Town through the senses.

The basic idea is to find a small moment or place in the life of the city.  It could be anything that you as a creative person responds strongly to - a building, a street, a canal, a park, a group of children playing football, a couple having an intimate conversation, an instant that strikes you, a discovery, an emotion or ephemeral sensation. 

The Cradle of Creativity team has created a number of different maps, mostly reachable by walking and near Artscape and City hall, routes that pass through interesting parts of the city.  Alternately, you can pick your own walk.

We ask each writer to both create a dramatic or comic monologue of no more than 500 words as well as take a photo of the place or subject of your writing, or a photo that echoes the monolog.  These can of course be taken with a smart phone.

It might be interesting that both words and image concentrate on one sense only, whether sight, sound, smell, touch or taste - and this can include movement and sensations. 

The combined reading - by the writers - of these works on May - combined with a display of photos and the maps with locations marked will create an unforgettable tapestry of impressions of Cape Town in 2017 through the senses of local and international storytellers, playwrights, and other theatre practitioners. 

The monologues can be written in the first language of the playwright. If this language is not English, it would be terrific to have a short description of the monolog and the main thrust of the writer’s intent.

Following the festival, we will collate these into a document with photos to post on various websites - including WLPG.

Please email photos and monologues to writingcapetown@gmail.com by no later than 22:00 on 22 May.  Please send the monologues as .doc or docx files (or in the body of your email), and the photos as JPEGs.   We will print out the monologues and photos (and create the display) for the sharing on 23 May.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure.

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