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Playwright Slams at the 2014 ASSITEJ Congress in Warsaw

WLPG Slams (Warsaw) 2014

May 29
Reihaneh Youzbashi Dizaji, Germany

Hasan Erkek, Turkey
Ashish Kumar Ghosh, India
Marta Gusniowska, Poland
Ulrich Hub, Germany

Lutz Hubner, Germany
Robert Jarosz, Poland

Anastasia Kolesnikova, Russia
Akos Nemeth, Hungary

Malina Przesluga, Poland
Karin Serres, France
Paula Wing, Canada

May 30
Beatriz Besteiro, Argentina

Liliana Bardijewska, Poland
Paulina Danecka, Poland

Asaya Fujita, Japan
Marie-Eve Huot, Quebec
Rin Izumi, Japan
Julie Jensen, USA
Sylvia Kobuszewska, Poland
Meredyth Pederson, USA
Eliot Moleba, South Africa
Monika Roszyk, Poland
Maciej Wojtyszko, Poland


Script excerpts from some of the playwrights

From Polish playwright Maciej Wojtyszko
Bromba and Others on the Net
Brombi I Inni W Sieci

From Polish playwright Marta Gusniowska


From Polish playwright Liliana Bardejewska
Five Minutes Fragment

Piec Minut

From Polish Playwright Paulina Danecka
The Smallest Ball

From Hungarian playwright Akos Nemeth
Babette Is Lying

From German playwright Reihaneh Youzbashi Dizaji
Rabbit Country

From US playwright Meredyth Pederson
The Lighthouse Play

From US playwright Julie Jensen




The 1st 'WLPG Shorts' program at the 2012 Kijimuna Festa in Okinawa

Pacific Shorts was a collaboration between write local play global, playwright/professor Toyoko Nishida, the Kijimuna Festa, and ASSITEJ Japan to create original short plays addressing the festival's theme.

The theme of the festival was "For Tomorrow - Theatre as 'Nuchigusui' for Children".  The word 'Nuchigusui' means 'medicine for life' in the Okinawan language. In 2011, an unprecedented earthquake, tsunami, and an accident at a nuclear power station hit Japan. With that in mind, seven emerging playwrights from three countries were given the opportunity to write short plays inspired by this idea of 'Nuchigusui' – plays which will help heal children confronting troubles and give them a healthy vision, filled with optimism, for the future.

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'WLPG Playwright Slams at the 2011 ASSITEJ World Congress: 31 playwrights/20 countries/15 languages' by Abra Chusid and Jenny Anne Koppera

A four-part event, with thirty-one playwrights from twenty countries reading from their plays in fifteen languages


For newbies, what we call a ‘playwrights slam’ is an event where 8-10 playwrights read five minute excerpts of one of their pieces in a relaxed and informal setting.  

For the 2011 ASSITEJ World Congress and Festival, there were four slams, two in each of the host cities, at the Stadsteater Studion in Malmoe, Sweden, and the Odd Fellow Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark

The slams were curated by Kim Peter Kovac, working with the Congress organizers, and coordinated, wrangled, and hosted by Kim and US Festival Interns Abra Chusid and Jenny Anne Koppera, who were also invited by ‘Write local. Play global” to serve as roving reporters for the events.

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