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Write Local. Play Global. is the ASSITEJ playwrights network.



Results of 2nd African Playwriting Competition

On World Day of Theatre for Young Audiences, 20 March, ASSITEJ SA is delighted to announce the winner of our 2nd African Playwriting competition.

The ASSITEJ African Playwriting Competition seeks to nurture and identify new plays written by South African and African writers which will resonate with South African and African audiences from 0 - 19. The winning play will be produced and presented at the Cradle of Creativity 2019, a Biennial International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences in South Africa to be held at the Baxter Theatre Centre in Cape Town from 20 to 25 August 2019. The focus for Cradle of Creativity is intercultural collaboration in theatre for young audiences, and this year’s winner certainly represents the fruits of a successful intercultural exploration.

The winning play is: Dipalo by Selloane Mokuku (South Africa) and Ginni Manning (UK), mentored by Kelsey Mesa of the Kennedy Centre, USA.

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Playwriting Competition for African Playwrights, sponsored by ASSITEJ South Africa

Full information at this link


Dramaturgy under the stars/Dramaturgie sous les étoiles by Karin Serres

Every year, since 1986, Children’s Art Center in Poznan, Poland, led by Jerzy Moszkowicz, organizes a competition of theatre plays for young audiences, open to everyone. Along with having their play published in the Anthology Nowe Sztuki dla Dzieci i Młodzieży (new plays for children and youth) which is sent to polish theatres (44 books since 1992), the winners have the opportunity to be invited to the annual workshop about playwriting for young audiences organized by the Children’s Art Center and led by Zbigniew Rudziński, its TYA responsible, at Obrzycko, a small city nearby, along with some directors, theatre heads, reviewers and famous artists from the live performances world. During 3 days of an intense work bubble, lectures and talks are flowing all day long in, as much as meetings face to face with members of the jury, high level artists, and the chosen playwrights, about their play, via a mentorship as demanding as respectfull. Over 24 years, that innovative concept has entirely renewed the pool of polish playwrights addressing young audiences, for both puppets and theatre. Some of the most famous voices today have begun there as teenagers, accompanied by their parents. And the creative power of that active transmission, from the very first step of playwrights entering the YA world, gives autonomy and energy to that field, so rich today. When playwrights for YA felt as invisibles as unicorns once, the comitted concept of Children’s Art Center in Poznan is building a true and wide playwrights family, open minded, supportive, inventive and facing the future.

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The overall theme of the forum is 'writing for the new generations'.  Below a panel on the present and future of TYA playwriting in Latin America with Enrique Olmos (Mexico), Dewis Duran (Venezuela), Rene Fernandez Santana (Cuba), Lola Lara (Spain), Jorge Dubatti, Maria Ines Falconi (Argentina), Paulo Merisio (Brazil)


WLPG member Deborah Wicks LaPuma - most produced TYA artist in the USA for next season

check out this article


TYA/USA 18-19 Season Preview

TYA Executive Director Jonathan Chapman collated trends for next season in this online article


Graffiti's Emelie Fitzgibbon Honoured

Emelie has long been one of the major folk in our field internationally. And what could be better than to have a theater named after her

A terrific article.



on New Visions/New Voices and Cartography

Terrific article at this link - about the 2018 festival and the timely and innovative new piece, Cartography


US Playwright Allyson Currin on Writing for Young Audiences

"I have only written four plays for young audiences, actually, the first two (for The Kennedy Center and Imagination Stage) as simultaneous commissioned pieces. I find it fascinating that my playwriting immediately after those two projects got exponentially better. I learned so much from writing for young audiences because you have to write cleanly and leanly. Young audiences will not put up with plays that are self-indulgent or over-written. My writing for young audiences definitely made me a more streamlined, athletic writer. High School Alien at Cincinnati Playhouse reinforced all of those lessons because the development period was so dedicated and lengthy. I had the good fortune to watch so many performances of it in schools, and, most revealingly, to witness the invaluable discussions between the cast and students afterwards. Kids really listen." 

Ally's play Sooner/Later is opening at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park



Write Local Play Global is delighted to announce the 2018 version of 'A Day for a Play', the worldwide playwriting game, open to all playwrights and storytellers around the world, in conjunction with the ASSITEJ 2018 world theatre day for children.  This year, for its 5th edition, new rules have been invented by WLPG members Maria Ines Falconi of Argentina, Karin Serres of France, and Rives Collins and Kim Peter Kovac of the USA.

In 2017, 64 playwright around the world took part in the game. Join us !

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